A Health and Life Thought

My new goal in life is to not age like Milk or Juice from Concentrate.

Yeah, we’re all going to die, but if I can live to 90 instead of 63, I’m all for doing what it takes. Self preservation is real!

When The Pen Dwindles

Sometimes I go on writing binges and the words just flow at a volume so high that I don’t even try to stop or understand it. I just begin to create piece after piece and schedule things out so it’s a little easier to digest.

The last couple of weeks I have slowed down. The volume has decreased and the content is more technical than creative. I’ve written bios, music reviews and societal perspective pieces. I think they all came out well. However my lyrics, poems and erotica series have taken a hit. I don’t want to force it because the content suffers but I also don’t want to leave my audience hanging.

Perhaps the tasks of writing a series weekly was a little too much. I came out the gate firing but now I want to capture the same flow and fire I had when I started in November and it’s becoming difficult. No matter what I won’t cheat the reader. They will get a great story and I will make sure that only the best foot is put forward when a piece releases. Just may take more time than expected.

I also made new book plans even though I have one that still needs promotion as new eyes are still finding it. What a time to be a writer!

Bangin On Lunch Tables: Hang With The OG’s

Ice Cube has dropped a new album and it’s confirmation why Jay Z will forever be holding the top spot in Hip-Hop. We talk the Gucci Mane album and how no artist from QC has collaborated with Jeezy or T.I. That leads us into a great legacy conversation between Tip and Guwop that we want to pick up at another time with a die hard T.I. and die hard Gucci Mane fan. Then we talk Grammy Nominations and revisit “The Heist vs Good Kid M.A.A.D City” firestorm on this week’s #BanginOnLunchTables podcast!