Believe In Who You Think You Are

I been living wrong. I been believing my circumstance and my current situation as reality, when nothing could be further from the truth. Life is full of peaks and valleys. I’m in a valley stage. The mistake I made was believing that this valley is the “period”. The final chapter. The premise of the entire story that is mine. I was foolish to believe that.

It’s important that from this day forward, I carry myself as who I think I am and not what the present valley is showing me. I must see beyond the present. I see an award winning writer. I see an insightful author and painter of pictures with words. A conveyor of positivity, passion and excellence. A millionaire who helped restore his hometown and the future of the youth in it. I am all of these things and so much more and it will all be revealed in time.

To myself, I apologize. I was wrong for letting you think for one second that you were less than. That you couldn’t do it. That all you were was what you saw at it’s lowest common denominator. I’m sorry that you sat in dark moments needing to pick us up and all I could offer you was no way out and without a good word to hold on to. I understand that the spirit and the body must connect for progress and both are needed to attract everything we desire out of this one life. Today is my rededication to prove to you that I am all in. Forever. I’ll never abandon you again. Let’s get out here and be everything we think we are.

Today: Ask yourself “Who Do You Think You Are?” Then believe that. If those thoughts don’t inspire you, wake you up and bring joy to your spirit. Apologize to yourself. And ask again.