Hell In My Heart For You…

I should have left you in that living room with the bogus question you asked
The feelings of the “good boy” with thoughts so bad
The feeling that I was ready to give my all and you cheated me
Gave you my hand
Then you turned round and spit on me
Discovering love was road blocked
By your deceptive smile
Your manipulative life seduced my naive style
I loathe our meeting and almost everything from it
The seeds were planted in dirt and acid covered
Not the soil dirt that brings life and nutrition
But the dust that settles when commotion is ending
I might have lost a great friend cause you
May have missed on a couple great girls cause you
The Blue flame flickers in my eyes cause you
Had no remorse in your acts now the curtain is due

I have less strength and tolerance
Succumbing to your nonsense
How bad of a man am I?
You left on my conscious
But in the end it was I who wronged
Thinking slowly sipping the poison I would live as long
Thinking hold to the thorns till the pain moved on
Thinking seeing the right wouldn’t be that wrong

Now we’re at so long
And it’s been so long
Since I been able to see your face
And no rage performs
My mind lusts for your agony
Your righteousness is fallacy
A needle to your flesh for every hour of lost sanity

Your sound and look unveil my maniacal ego
Authorities set a foundation so we’ll never be equal
But I see through
I want my passion and patience to defeat you
I no longer want to see you
Your demise would cause me great soothe
I pray a God exist to cool
The fiery Hell in my heart for you