I’m not sure how to speak anymore
As sensitivity reigns supreme at every open door
Your needs now must become my duty and I have no problem with that
But what happened to niceties, communication and tact?

No one wants to feel the wrath of a tyrant
Who’s so concerned with ME yet can’t seem to realize it
My faults are mine to bear and I truly understand
But repetition on the issues with no solutions isn’t fair

Being All is hard
Especially when you have little to none
When everyday is a battle
And you just want to win one
When the rain pours down
You just want to feel sun
If the passion calls now
That means the work isn’t done

If I submit I am wrong
If I resist I’m wrong more
Your thirst for ecstasy
Shouldn’t demand my hunger
For some silence is golden
For you silence is admission
It’s acceptance, it’s complacency
It’s another form of submission

Let’s choose swords careful
Some wars never end
Why must it be a loser
When every union wants to win