Working Pains…

Busting my back just to get by is not fly
You’re better than this and deserve more
What I say as each hour goes by
I can’t get paid and be happy?
Sure you can, but are you trying?
Did you really go after what you wanted
Even when you were denied it?

Does the love of your craft excite you?
Make the pain go away?
If you love it with all it’s flaws
You should be doing that thing
Enough of the struggle
Enough of the pain
Enough of maintaining
And just finding a way

My joints are sore
My Back is tight
I just.. motion through days
And pray through nights
It’s like.. the bills appear
No end in sight
We haven’t.. ate all day
This don’t feel right

Why do I have any days like this?
They said get degrees and learning “this”
Make the dream exist
Then why am I here pissed?
Because I didn’t take time to realize
Those who told me their wish
Didn’t live the experience

Live is serious
And it’s one chance to shine like Michael’s glove
Do “you” for the people and the things you love
The Blueprint to success is a commitment
To not be spiritually robbed
And at all cost
Make happiness a full time job.