My Life Is Like Camouflage

I have what may be deemed an unhealthy obsession with camouflage print and patterns. I love it equally if not more than the colors blue and black. I’m going to try my best to explain it all right now.

Although I’ve never considered joining the Army seriously, even after I was recruited, I always have been a fan of Camo. You can thank East Coast Rap for that. Specifically Queens, New York along with Nas, Mobb Deep and CNN [Capone-N-Noreaga]. Watching their videos and seeing pictures of them in green army jackets and fatigue suits looked like the coolest thing ever to me! Then they would rock the bandana with the wheat Timbs and it capped off what to me would be the quintessential hip-hop thug look. I think back on the days when I had my black, white and grey army fatigue suit that I would wear with my black Lugz because I couldn’t afford Timbs. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t the man with that on. Over time I would cop other prints and styles of camouflage. I’d get shirts, thermals, pants, jackets and bandanas. I’m actually looking for my Camo Bandana right now and I’m a tad salty I can’t find it after just having it 2 weeks ago.

As a quick sidenote; The only thing on my Christmas list this year is “Anything Camouflage” and Wheat Timbs. I definitely need a fresh pair. It’s been about a decade since I’ve had my current pairs. If you would like to be a blessing in my life and hit me with some Camo, I would love you like the God in the Heavens.

I also like the metaphor that Camo print represents. It’s originally mean to be unseen, yet it’s a stand out print. It’s used in times of war and hunting, but is also a popular fashion statement. It’s for a rugged or clean-cut look. It’s a solid match for anything and can be worn by anyone without a definite stereotype being attached to it. When you think about it. We all are descendants of Camouflage print. We can be all of the above as we change and go through different phases of life. Some people can see us for who we are and love us as we are. To others we remain hidden or concealed. Passed by without knowing or acknowledgement.

In our bouts with life, sometimes we would like to disappear. We would like to blend in with the surroundings. Not to be like everyone else, but just to not be bothered. To be isolated and contained within ourselves. When our aura and self-esteem is at a high we want to be illuminated bright and beautifully for the world to see. Much like the yellow or orange based camo print. Those are the moments when we want to add color to this black and white world.

I’m a lover of Camo because I see a great amount of me in it. Maybe after this, you see more of yourself too.