Social Changes: Connecting With “@LifeWriterCam”

#Change is the best word to describe the last few weeks since my #writing has picked back up. So many #aspirations and #emotions have been released and it feels good to #connect with people by just being me. The connection has been so real that I don’t really know if it is wise to continue on as “CamQuotes” anymore.

CamQuotes was a media persona based on something I do naturally. Remember and deliver famous, humorous of thought provoking quotes. I like the ring to it, but that and the content I was pushing out doesn’t really stick the way I want it to. End of day as a media personality you have to put something together that connects with the people. Something they want to support and definitely buy into. I can honestly say that not many people have bought into “CamQuotes”. At least not in the way I envisioned. About 5 years ago I was selling CamQuotes Tees. Made a little noise, but didn’t become the phenomenon I wanted. I then started an interview series turned podcast called Cool Conversations with CamQuotes. Again, sounds good and made some noise, but outside of the vanity, I didn’t feel my work connecting.

That brings us to present day. I’ve soft launched the “Pen Pimps” website and opened the door to my world, which I call “Life Writing” and I can see and feel the connection. I get more comments and praise than I do feedback and opinion. I see new followers and likes from people who I don’t know. I get text messages about the content. I get into more honest conversations and the energy is different. It feels different from @BehindTheRhyme. It feels different from @CamQuotes. That different feeling is so good and I think it is giving me the one thing I’ve always wanted my work to do; connect.

There is no brand without a connection. People want to feel, understand and believe. Me as myself in a vulnerable, emotional and creative state is building that connection. I love it! I feel that I have finally arrived and that the work is not going in vain, like I felt it did so many years prior.

Who knew Cam writing about his life and feelings would get an overwhelmingly #positive response? Definitely not me, but I’m glad it did. So, with all that being said. It’s time for a “Social Change”. I want to officially welcome you to the “social life” of @LifeWriterCam. My Twitter and Instagram will both be @LifeWriterCam. I tried to change my snapchat user but the username can’t be changed on that platform. I don’t need to go as far as deleting the account and starting over. However, the name you can search to find me is Life Writer Cam.

To all of you that I have connected with; I appreciate you and thank you for embracing the transition.