Tears of Survival…

Have you ever heard a War Cry?
How bout the aftermath
When the Warrior survives?

Pain over his face
Like a warm towel in the morning
Rinsing the spirit awake
With the hope of gaining
The world and much more in it

The yell that makes the soul cry
That tear long as the river
Flowing slow from the eye

The exhaustion from being battle tested
The drain of this human vessel
That doubles as a ruthless weapon
Made for Domination and Protection
The competition unprecedented
But still no match
For the conquerer and his quest

These are the Tears of Survival
The thrill of achievement
When others didn’t expect your arrival
The feel of accomplishment
The triumph and acknowledgement
That never say die
Because you gave all and never quit

The Hunt and The Win
The End for a New Begin
Cause the Battle’s with Life
Till The End
The Warrior cries
For the Joy of knowing he didn’t die
Yelling to the top of his lungs
Always Survive…