It’s Cold Outside…

It’s Cold Outside…
These kids haven’t eaten all day
The mother’s trying her best
Cutting no corners to make a way
Holding together like the seam
Of her frayed and torn jean
Visioning the light to a world
Her heart has always seen…

It’s Cold Outside…
That man is homeless but not helpless
In fact he’s anything but selfish
Giving his last was truly that
Just understand he can never go back
It’s the pressures of wrong or right
Weighing in like the contender for the fight of his life
Seeing the prism of friends
And their cemetery conversations…

It’s Cold Outside…
Even when it’s 90 degrees
When it’s high noon and dry heat
Through the fog and humidity
Because of lack of humility
Loyalty and dignity

The voice of fallacy
The truth in reality
The sun setting on a last breath
The fight against the nights sleep
The misguided heart
The love of demise
The undetected joy or pain
When a tear floods the eye
See…It’s cold outside…