Black Respect Over Everything

If history truly repeats itself, we are living in a time where wanting to be respected as a Black American should be above anything else in this world right now. Much like the 60’s, equality and respect was the main reason for taking a stand and starting movements. It cultivated the Black Panther Party and that sense of Black Pride and that phrase called “Black Power”. 2017 is telling us all that we need to get back to that and we need to elevate it to heights unseen for the power and respect that is owed and deserved.

The President of the United States went out of his way to disrespect Black Americans for kneeling in protest of police brutality and for not wanting to visit him at the White House. He also disrespected a Black woman and tried to ruin her career because she factually pegged him a “White Supremacist”. A group of people that he has publicly labeled “good people” and has sided with both personally and politicly. He had nothing fruitful to say during National Disasters wiping out a great portion of a major city and surrounding areas. He hasn’t proven to be helpful to any situation on American soil or overseas. And he had positivity to spread during Charlottesville about a group of white males with tiki torches who’s purpose was to disrespect Blacks, Hispanics and people of Jewish Faith. A night in which a white woman died, for being a peaceful, respectable human being. He labeled the athletes that kneel [who have all been black] “Sons of Bitches” and asked his audience if they would like to see them fired for doing that.

The President of The United States, Donald Trump, is a misguided, low class, arrogant, ignorant, pompous goof for saying that, among other things. But let’s not get it confused. The NFL Owners feel that way too! They just won’t say it in fear of losing their Black Athletes and Black Dollars. Roger Goddell is just running damage control. He cares about public “divisive comments” because the last thing he wants is to poke the Bear of Black Pride that exist in the National Football League. A bear that could ruin the NFL on an off the field with it’s absence.

It’s time to mandate and educate on Black Respect. It’s bigger than a Black Friday boycott. It’s bigger than Colin Kaepernick. It’s even bigger than the electoral colleges presidential selection. This is about being Black in America and understanding that the commander and chief of this country is leading a hate fueled march and it’s target is anybody that doesn’t look like him. If you’re a person of color or a woman, you are his target of blatant disrespect. His weapons are his voice and his audience of uneducated flunkies. Our weapons are unity, money and attention.

Unity: Everybody who wants to roll, let’s go. No time to argue amongst us about who’s down and who’s not.
Money: The black dollar is strong in every Billion dollar industry. You’re going to boycott spending? Do it to the point a business has to close stores or close down. Not for a holiday percentage drop.
Attention: Don’t allow the subject to change. Black American disrespect is at an all time high. That disrespect is police brutality. It’s stealing and repackaging our culture. It’s threatening the financial being and crushing the dreams of athletes that choose to kneel in peaceful protest until things change.

None of the above would be happening if it was sincere respect for us. It’s time we get that respect, not fear. Fear is why we are dying at the hands of authorities and then dime a dozen “journalist” say some bulls**t like “Well, what about Black on Black Crime?” Again, a reason to demand the return of our respect in this country. Anyone can say “I’m not racist”. However, disrespect can be proven in every aspect of life.

Don’t give support to any person, brand or entity that doesn’t respect you. I don’t care if it’s time, energy or money. Cut them short now. If you’re really upset and you’re really about change. This should be the easiest thing you want to do.