Here’s What I Think About You…

Mr. Donald Trump
You’re a Bum and a Goof
You’re a lame and aloof
With no character or truth
You’re a coward
You’re a chump
You’re a sucker and punk
You’re a liar with no nuts
You’re a racist and you suck
You’re a ignorant, arrogant
Hypocrite, misogynist, supremacist

An ill equipped, Idiot
That doesn’t need attention
A Monotonous, lack of knowledge, pompous dick
Twitter thug that’s fake popping
Mouth only big cause his pockets is
Only knows division
Cause that’s his chance for conquering
That’s how a real rich prick keeps his dollars

Any fools knows that
So it’s no special craft
You can only get some Chris Columbus love doing that
I ain’t on that train
I don’t ride that wave
I’m gon’ love everybody
Till your ass fade away

Respect Black, Brown
And the whites that “get it”
And the ones that don’t
Can’t deter this mission
Tell em kindly step aside
They like Trey out the ride
Let them swing at the air
All angry then cry

Never on a race divide
This is right and wrong side
You don’t understand that
You don’t value my life
Fair warning for respect
I’m really down to die
This ain’t 12 years a slave
Or The Butler
I’m gon’ ride…

Now go help Puerto Rico, You Son of a Bitch…