Good Job…

The Green Ribbon
Handed out cause you completed a task
Meaning nothing more than “Hey, I’m here”
Do you mind if I show up?
Not in for the fight
Nor for the feel of victory
The post of the fence
That’s no friend
And no enemy
The color that says go
But ask, Did you compete?
The achievement that make 2nd and 3rd place
Seem like even less of a feat

The Trophy
Meaning you were great today
The moment that you excelled
The moment of all praise
Does it truly measure the work?
Do they understand the sacrifice?
Do they see all the working days?
Do they care about the sleepless nights?

The Plaque
The mounted reminder
The fancy wooden picture
The hanging conversation piece
A measure of your last success
Much like the trophy

What do these things really mean?
Are they your source for success?
We all want appreciation
But do these things determine you’re the best?
Are you great without them?
Would you give your all and strive?
If the consolations prize
Is how you feel inside?

What about tomorrow?
The next time or in 10 years?
When someone else has that
Trophy or Plaque you revered?
Are you not great anymore?
Do you get back in the game?
Are you helping the next win?
Have you become that vain?

Whether we show up or show out
We all want something
But sometimes the things that are tangible
Truly mean nothing

Will you attend or contend?
Will you compete or complete?
How will you win beyond the day
And do you care who knows or sees?