Taking Time For Gratitude

Today has been a soul healing day. I feel good about the things I have done with my words and my expressions of gratitude today.

As I put the finishing touches on this book, I got a chance to go back in time and relive some great moments with some truly great people. People that I may have taken for granted in real time. People that were really turning my dreams into goals and were doing what they could to help me achieve them. It was something that I never analyzed and appreciated in real time. I say that because I ended up stopping my pursuit of that dream. It was about me and how I felt mentally and where I thought I should have been with my life and I stopped. No warning, no conversation just an extreme halt. That wasn’t right for me to do to the people that believed. It takes a special person to help you achieve something that only you see. That doesn’t happen often. I realize that more than ever right now.

I sent out thank you messages and letters with an apology today. I apologized because I don’t ever want generosity to be perceived as taken in vain. I don’t want these people to feel like I didn’t appreciate their work and sacrifice towards my goals and aspirations. My progress was in large part to them. I’m indebted to these people no matter what our current relationship is today.

This moment and this day, is going to be great content for another book I plan to do in the future. Right now, it’s all about my first one. A composition collection that blends my past and present with hopes of building a solid future. I’m beyond excited for you all to experience this. Whether you love or hate it, I adore you for giving it a chance. Talk soon.