Sick, Unfulfilled and Too Concerned

Man! The last few days, I can honestly live without. Well not really cause I’d be dead, but you get me. I been a little under the weather. Something that I expected to happen honestly. That’s no big deal. A little coughing, hacking and nose blowing is only temporary. These work feelings though.

This week at work was the first time in a long time where I felt underutilized and I was truly just capable of better than what I was doing. Sometimes you’re in an environment and you can feel how out of place you are. You know you’re not going to “adjust” “fit in” or “get used to this”. That monster was glaring me in the face this week. I’m back to “doing whatever” to get a dollar and at the same time I’m thinking “I should be their manager”. I said to myself quite a few times this week, “How did my skill-set get me here?” It’s almost to a point now where I don’t even know what I’m being patient for.

This also hasn’t been the greatest creative week for me either. I’m racking my brain about the future and next steps and I probably don’t need to. I’ve completed a big goal and we’ll talk about it soon. Maybe it’s best I just sit back and let some things happen and come to mind instead of forcing results. It always works when I’m writing. That’s why I stopped one project and picked up another. That’s why so many brand ideas are flooding my mind, but nothing seems to stick. I’m going to chill. Let life happen and comeback with something great. I can’t wait to share my news with you all soon!