Time To Rise and Grind!

Good Morning World!

I am extremely happy to announce that I have been selected as one of the Ambassadors for Daymond John’s new book, “Rise & Grind”!

As many of you that know me pretty well know, I am a huge fan and supporter of Daymond John. Although I could never afford a FUBU Football jersey or FUBU for that matter, I’ve admired his hustle, risk taking and his brand since I was a teenager. I consider him a mentor and I try to soak up as much game as I can from his content as I try to build my own brand and achieve success. His book, “The Power of Broke” definitely gave me the jolt that I needed as I experienced a lot of lost, but knew that I shouldn’t give up. I’m looking forward to the new book, “Rise and Grind” because it has stories from some other people that I greatly admire and I can’t wait to hear more on their stories and how they maintain and succeed.

I’m super excited for this opportunity and I plan to make the most out of it the best way I can. I hope to make some great connections and increase my brand and take it to a new level.

Thank you Daymond John! You’re the man! I appreciate this opportunity and I hope my audience is ready to Rise and Grind like never before!

Yes. I am going to ask Daymond John to bring back the FUBU Football Jersey. I’ll update with an answer soon.