The Separation of CamQuotes

I’m feeling the need to pour my mind out in various ways. I have so many thoughts and ideas. I realize that there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who live by the book. The vanilla, straight and narrow square pegs. Then there are those who rip the pages out of the book and draw a picture in color pencil. The ones that even as they get older they never lose their youthful spirit and vibrance. They live on their terms and the world can’t define or confine them. I feel more in touch with the latter as I continue to write here and grow mentally.

Making lifestyle changes has been very instrumental as well. Working out about 5 days a week. Changing my eating habits and keeping my mind sharp by reading and writing has been a big help so far. My book has given me a real reason to be on social media and my new life goal structure has given me greater focus on importance and real rewards.

I feel a separation. Not just a separation from “The Pack”, but a separation of who I am as I prepare to be who I want to be. None of that happens without growth and change. I’m not sure how these changes will show to the outside world. I just know I’m ready to be better than ever.

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