Looking At The World Right Now

I’m really taking a moment right now to just reflect on what I see in the U.S.A right now. I know on social media, many people can’t get enough of feeling like Life is over as we know it. I want to remind them of this.
Although things like…
The President may not be for you because of his actions or lack their of
Racism still exist and unfortunately will never die
Sensitivity is at an all time high between races, sexes and genders
Sexual Assault is being talked about more than ever with the lid being blown off of Hollywood
Natural Disasters are happening left and right leaving many with nothing
Mass shootings are becoming deadlier by the month
Peaceful Protest are being viewed as disrespectful by the ignorant.
In the midst of ALL that…
Black/Hip-Hop Culture is impacting the globe and is the one thing actually bringing people together.
Black Americans are still breaking barriers and still having “First”
Women are crushing it in every industry you can think of right now.
A Russian Immigrant by the name of Gary Vee is impacting and empower an entire world with mindset
Entrepreneurship is looked at as the real key to success and financial freedom
Not to mention…My first book “Living In A Beautiful Disaster” is coming out around the time Santa comes to empty his sack at your crib with his Ho’s!
Basically, the game hasn’t changed. We wake up everyday with two options. Be a victim or be a victor. We are all going to win and lose. Life will not be fair every day. What we can’t do is give up on turning our dreams into goals and then to a reality. It’s hard to look at your life and feel happy or content sometimes. I truly understand that. I’m living it. However, you can’t focus on everything wrong in your life, cause then you have no time to make things right. Just remember that before you take time to acknowledge your flaws and the faults in the world.
I hope this post found you well or at least in a better space than your were 10 minutes ago.

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