A Pledge To The Creators

I wanted to share this. Not just as a FB post, but as a pledge. A pledge to myself and a positive word to all of you that create. You who may have reservations and apprehensions about what you are creating. I think it’s important that we remind ourselves of certain things.
To The Creators. Just create.
F**k opinions, critiques or what you think people want to see, hear or do. People don’t know s**t. That’s why bandwagons exist. That’s why they find out late and move on to the next thing so quickly.
Create for you. Not because “that’s what’s hot” or “this is the new trend”. Create because it’s in your heart and burning a hole in your mind. Create because if you don’t get it out, you feel you may explode and the world will never truly see what you had in store. Create because it heals. It gives life. It can release whatever inside of you so you can move on and be better than ever.
Pick any instrument or object of choice. Just please; Create.

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