Starting With One

Today is a defining moment day. Yesterday, I got so down I had no idea how to pick myself up. I barely ate. I didn’t workout. I only wrote the post from the morning. I was stuck in a realm of thinking I should lay down and die. While doing that also thinking, why can’t I live the life I desire? Debt will do that to you. I officially accumulated more yesterday and I have no “quick fix” for it. I felt so defeated. Defeated because all of the right things I tried to do ended up hurting me in the long run. The hour plus rides to jobs. The trying to pay on every bill and playing by the book literally didn’t work. It made me hate every decision I’ve made in the last year, where I live and made me uncertain about what I’m going to do moving forward. I’m so far in the hole I don’t see a light right now. Then I thought I had no way out, but I can’t feel that way. I honestly do. It’s My Book. My book is my way out of this.

I have to put this book out. Things will be better then. It will be better because the book starts the positive visions I see in my future life. It’s what I see working long term. I just need to keep the faith, stay encouraged and truly believe that. I can’t do the ordinary and think it’s going to work this time. I have to do the extraordinary. It’s way more likely I’ll sell 1 million books over the next 10 years than it is I’ll have a great secure job that I love for 10 years. I have product. I just have to put it out officially and effectively promote it. Call me crazy, but that’s going to be the start of the end of these down days. Not solely because of the money to be earned either. It’s because I’m playing the game of life the way I want. I’m making a success out of myself and I’m doing something I love with no worries of tomorrow or surviving through the day. That kind of peace of mind is priceless. I want to live priceless.

It’s starts with one. One day I decided I’m going to write. One day I said I should write a book. One day I finished writing a book. Today, I remember that the first book I finished one day is going to change my life for the better. Now to create the one day I released my first book.

Last thing I want to share is this snap of a recent conversation with a childhood friend. We barely talk monthly and he seen this. It’s crazy cause, I seen a lot of it too.

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