Staying Focused

The clock on 2017 is winding down. It’s easy to get lazy and fall into the trap of “cruise control into the new year” but I just can’t do it. I was going to post a year in review post, but not quite yet. I still have a very important goal that I want to cap off my 2017 and until that’s done, my 2017 isn’t over.

The good part about building new disciplines is you train yourself to do new things new ways and it opens up your life mentally, physically and with new perspective. You know what it’s like to change and evolve and be different from what you were. The bad part is when you fall off that discipline, you feel it and boy, does it hit hard!

I fell off my discipline of getting up at 5am. Sounds small, but it was bigger than I thought. In just a few short days, waking up at 6:30 or 7am vs 5am lead to me losing track of time, wondering where the day went and thus feeling like I truly accomplished nothing. That’s a terrible feeling. Even today as I woke up at 5, I still didn’t get moving till later in the hour. The good thing is I have at least gotten up with the notion to put in work, so I know the day is going to go smooth.

2017 is not over. Even if you’re prepping your 2018 just know, something major can happen in 23 days.


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