Quest To Be A Content King

I love to create. It’s something that takes a lot of my time and I don’t mind. My focus is better. My spirit is brighter and it just makes me feel good.

Yesterday, I decided I would try to turn my analysis on artist into branded content. Reason being, it was going so well that I couldn’t just keep it as “conversation on my Facebook admin page”. I’ve talked about music before. For years I have done that. I’ve given nostalgic stories, that have done pretty well. I’ve done think pieces and gotten a small reaction. I’ve done music reviews and I don’t know how that’s gone, due to little to no reaction. However, when I want to “talk for real about an artist” the game changes. The conversation gets thorough and emotional. People chime in that usually don’t hit my page. Whether it be to agree or disagree, the speak. That’s something I’ve never done with my music content before. I been doing it for about a month now and I am very please with the results.

I thought maybe this could be new life for my site, but I honestly have other plans for that. It’s just going to take more time to develop. What I’m building now is my new pocket to have music conversation. To do that, I got to start from the bottom to build it up. It’s all about my quest to be a content King. I have one podcast running smooth. I have a book that will be available shortly. Now I found my pocket for music conversation. I’m almost there. A new positive affirmation is in order.

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