Learning To Receive

I’ve been blessed to inherit a gracious and giving family. That’s great for a person that doesn’t know how to receive. I don’t know what to take, how much to take or if I should even receive at all. That’s just how it was for me growing up.

Outside of a handful of people in my life, I come from a world of “side-eye help” and back-handed compliments. The people that will give and make sure you don’t forget. The ones that let others know you were down and tell the tale of how they had to lift you up. People that will argue with you months even years later and point out what they done for you at a time when you couldn’t do for yourself. Experiencing those things first or second hand always put me in the mindset of, “I’m not asking anyone for anything. And if something is offered, well I’ll take just enough and keep it moving.”

I don’t know how to separate the genuine givers from the others. I just haven’t seen many. Plus, I’ve never really been in a great position to give myself. I do what I can in the best ways I know how, but sometimes my cup is one sip from empty. What I never mind doing is finding someone who can help. I figure that’s the least I can do, if I can’t help firsthand.

Every week now, I get pleasant reminders that there are people who act as I want and I will when my time comes. People that have unconditional love and give out of humanity, philanthropy and the incredible feeling you get when pulling someone up. The people that don’t seek the recognition of “I did this for you” and never speak a word of their good deed when times are less than favorable. I’m also very fortunate to call these people, family. I’ll gladly receive that.

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