Inside Success

It’s the day after Christmas. Technically the third day of the week and I have two workouts in. That’s major for me when I could have used the “Holiday excuse” to just lay back down and “get at it hard tomorrow”. One of my goals is to workout a minimum 5 days a week and even through the Christmas season, I have stuck to it. I worked out on Christmas Day and the day after! I’m really proud of myself.

I’ve conditioned my mind and body to make changes that are now routine. My day is off or incomplete without them. Great, positive habits and changes. In a year like 2017, I’m very happy to say that I have done that for myself.

Often I always ponder and even worry on my outside success. I never really dedicated true focus to the inside. The tools inside of you that really show you what you are made of. The shift from within that makes you what you are into who you want to be. I’ve had a lot of inside success this year. I feel my mind is operating at a peak level and it’s because of what I’ve been able to succeed at internally. I can’t wait for 2018…but to be honest, I’ve already started.

More compositions coming soon. I just want to get this book out to be consumed first.

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