An MLK Quote That Directed My Life

It’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day and this is one of my favorite quotes from him.

Once I truly began to understand what this quote really meant, my life change. Taking that first step out on faith is why I got into broadcasting. It’s why I created and why I’ve pursued this media passion even further while making no money from it for the last year and a half. I have faith that because when I create in this media space I feel complete. I don’t tire or get frustrated. The words fail, quit and move on are non existent when I’m in this space. That’s how I was meant to live life. The staircase to my dream is there. I just have to keep on stepping in this direction. When I was getting paid as a member of the media, the journey got very difficult. A lot of resistance, rejection and “No”. I never let that completely stop me, but it did make this journey within the system difficult. Now, I’m doing everything that got a “No” from others and the feeling is euphoric. That makes it all worth while. Do I want it to pay off? YES! Immediately! However, I want to love it and that means more than anything and is the most valuable piece of this puzzle.

My dream is to master conversation and storytelling. I feel I get closer to that mastery every day I crack a mic or set up a camera. Who knows when the day of mastery will come. All I know is I’m enjoying every mile of the ride.

Salute to Dr. King. A man of great passion, faith and character, who believed his words and actions would change the world. A belief so crazy that it came true in less than 40 years of life. Now his words fuel my dreams and I dream to be as impactful in my own way.

Have a great day!

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