Praying Revelations

This weekend I took a moment to really look inside myself and see how empty I’ve been without living in my passion and purpose. I sat, prayed and just talked to God about what I’m doing and what I want to do. What I got was answers to questions that I didn’t really know I was asking.

Without giving away too much right now, I understand that one bad experience doesn’t mean everything will forever be bad. It doesn’t mean that every person and every entity will operate the same way. I can’t let the actions of a few be a representation of all. I didn’t dedicate time, energy and sacrifice so much just to leave with nothing or to be on the outside looking in.

So I’m going for it. It’s time to impact with my contribution. It’s time that I really prove that I belong because I am intangible in every way.

I don’t go to church. I don’t even consider myself a Christian or any religion for that matter. However, when I talk to God and I pray to God. He provides me with calm and answers. All I ever want is answers. This last talk helped me realize that I need to go deeper into living in my purpose. How I need to go forward, keep fighting and understand that it won’t come easy because I want to be great. I think and move with the soul of a rebel to blaze a trail for a revolution. Those are the people who not much is given to, but everything is earned and rightfully deserved. I want to fight the fight and earn. So I have to pick up my sword, spit the blood from my mouth and take full charge at what I know is mine. This is only round 2.

God, Thank You. I can do nothing without your guidance.

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