Knowing My Star

After a dream I had a few days ago, I’ve been in heavy thought of “my star” and what it really is, in a broad sense in the media and entertainment world. It really made me think “what are my gifts?” “who am I?” “what can I do?” and after a twitter conversation with comedienne Mo’nique, the answer finally hit home.

I won’t say the style of media that I do is rare or different. It’s just unfortunately the style of media and entertainment that the Black Delegation doesn’t really mess with it. I’m not here to “read” “go in” and be the “voice of the hood”. I speak with diction even with slang and pronounce phonetically. Now, that’s not saying that “Black folks only want ignorant news and media” but these are the people that are deemed the most “authentic” “real” and “speak for the culture”. It’s disappointing because I feel I’m all those things and a lot more, but for some reason, the needle hasn’t moved on what I’ve done. That’s why I took step back from and focused more on my personal brand and talking more about things like pro wrestling, anxiety and my pursuit of greatness. I’ve always wanted to do me and by nature it has put me in a different lane. That’s how I know I stand out just because. It’s effortless and I like it.

As for me. I like to have knowledge, talk history and really connect with my audience and give them something that they retain for the day. I like to smile, use uncommon words and know out of the blue facts. I think I’m cute and I like to dress to impress if I can. It’s not a flashy or arrogant thing. It’s just the simple nuances that come with being me. I need to focus more on that aspect of me. I think that’s when the game changes and my audience becomes real and vocal about my talent and all that I can do.

One day, I’m going to get thrown in that Will Smith, Nick Cannon and Wayne Brady lane. Now, I personally have great respect and admire all these gentlemen. Will Smith is one of my “Men Mentors” so this isn’t bad to me. Although these men are successful, wealthy and have done a lot for their craft and their people, there have been pockets of time where they’ve gotten negative stigmas and labels amongst the Black delegation. I never understood that, but if being like these men and being in their lane is going to make my star bright and put my physical where my mental is, it is what it is. I’m going to double down on it and go get the life I desire. I can only be who I am and I understood a long time ago that some may not like that.

Finding your star is understanding what you want to do for life. Knowing your star is what makes it shine bright so the world can see it. I finally know my star and I’m not afraid to let it shine.

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