Inspired By Quincy Jones

I waited for the hype to die down from all the “scandal” and “hoopla” from Quincy Jones’s Vulture interview and I must say I was thrilled to soak up some music game and history from one of the greatest producers of music ever. His words were riveting and it makes me wonder why so many people were hung up on Marlon Brando and his escapades.

Quincy Jones said something so profound in this interview that it made me reevaluate what I am doing with my life and passion.

I have never in my life made music for money or fame. Not even Thriller. No way. God walks out of the room when you’re thinking about money.

That is an incredible statement from a man who helped create the biggest selling album in music ever of any genre. It made me think about my writing, broadcasting and future. My passion has been greater than ever for media after leaving a paying job for media. I’ve enjoyed writing more for myself than I have for any other outlet. God is definitely in the room when I’m in my own wheelhouse and just enjoying myself. The things that feel right don’t have to come with a price. I’ve learned that over the last year and his words hit me so hard that it let me know, I’m definitely in the right frame of mind as I continue to create.

Moving forward I don’t know what to do besides create. Create for me and for the love of the craft. Would I like to be back deep into the media game? Yes! Will I work towards it? YES! However, the dollar amount attached to the opportunity won’t matter as much as I made it matter years ago. There is something to be said about being in this industry for “the check” or “the bag”. It’s truly a reason why we get so much fluff and crap in regards to content and people. I never wanted to be that. Quincy Jones made me realize, to be great, remembered and successful. I won’t have to be.

Thank you, Quincy Jones.

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