Black Panther Layers

I don’t want to “spoil the movie” for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but I want to write about the layers of the Black Panther movie and how these layers apply today in real life. Right now is the perfect time for anyone who has not seen the movie to leave this post, lol!

To start I thought the movie was great! I am not big into comics, so I really didn’t know anything about Black Panther and the other characters and plot from the start, so to connect with so many layers of this movie was unexpected and refreshing.

The women totally rule and takeover this movie! The greatest warrior of all tribes is Okoye. She is the hardest warrior breathing and her strength is remarkable from start to finish! She is one who can take on anything with no worries. In fact, she does more to protect her King than her King does to protect her.

Shuri is my absolute favorite character in the movie. Young, brilliant and loves her brother T’Challa/Black Panther unconditionally. She is also a big part in his success and elevation as a King! She has the brains to not only heal or save Wakanda, but the whole world if she was given the opportunity. Shuri and Okoye are definitely reasons why I wanted to make sure my daughter saw this movie and I didn’t even know it till I saw it for myself.

I won’t go into serious character deep dives, but I do want to share some powerful layers that were touched on during the movie

What I took from Killmonger was how Black Americans want to go to Africa solely to rule and seek vengeance on their oppressor, which would cause more internal chaos. Killmonger was abandoned so the anger and rage is understood. Especially when the culprits are family. He had a right to feel that way. Your uncle kills your dad and leaves you in Oakland alone, you’ll feel a way.

He wanted to fight, kill and destroy for the thrown of Wakanda and hurt everyone that he felt hurt him. T’Challa knew his truth and knew he was wronged. When T’Challa wanted to “Handle it another way” I think he was all about accepting and bringing Killmonger in. Fighting the battle against oppressers in a better but not so vengeful way. That’s hard to believe from Killmongers perspective.

We see their dynamic present day with people have “break babies” or “hidden second families” the families lie and create more hate and chaos among children who didn’t ask to be here. It doesn’t have to be this way, but unfortunately it is more than not. Classic “Sins of a Father…” layer right here

Did anyone catch the underlying story of how Women follow out of love, respect and honor and how men will follow solely on Power?

What about how a man will keep focused, be protected and will conquer anything with great strong women around him?

Klaue – Representation of the people In the world that know Africa is rich, but think Africans are too dumb and animalistic to know what to do with what they have. Some think the “Black American” is “better” because of being raise in the U.S but at the same time think less of an “African in America”

CIA Agent – Colonizer. Believes there’s nothing in Africa worth having because he learned about Africa from what he was told and seen on the discovery channel (Channel 2) and thinks he is the holder of everything elite until he is saved, spared and educated by the people of Wakanda.

I am sorry if I am totally ruining this movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but it’s honestly a great movie with so much real life in it. I definitely want to own this movie and I will see it a few more times.

If I inspired you to see the movie or go see it again, great! Let’s talk other layers of the story and characters! It’s more than what I explained above.

Great job Marvel! If the Comics are anything like the movie, you have a new fan!

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