Acting Derrick Rose

It’s amazing the revelations I come to throughout the day when I have time to think or overthink. I just realized that I be acting like Derrick Rose about music format radio. Meaning I want to be in it and be great but a few occurrences that lead to some pain and uncertainty about my future in radio has me at “one foot in and one foot out some times”. I don’t know who to trust, if I should trust and I’m not sure if I took for granted what I had or spent too much time being taken advantage of. Either way it’s probably been the ultimate red flag for anybody that knows me. I’m sorry about that. I guess I’m still searching for that definite role in the industry around great people that makes me happy.

For the record I would love to get paid to do radio again, whether music or talk format. I’m also not stuck on being an on air personality and haven’t been for some time. I just want to be deeper in the game, working and earning full time. I will definitely do things differently and approach the next opportunity like I never been here in many ways.

I just been through some things. Things that hurt and things I didn’t expect. Today let me know that there is still some healing that needs to be done. I understand why it’s hard to look out for me. I try not to use my references and recommendations every single time. I know this climb back in the game is one that will have to be made predominantly on my own. I don’t mind that.

As I think over my future more I just pray to heal and move on. May God bless me with a clear mind and thicker skin. May he bless me with the opportunity that is right for me and let me grow into all the things I can see.

…Just wanted to share something honest…Have a great evening.

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