Clutter By Nature

Discipline and Sacrifice. The two words that have come up many times in the last few weeks. All by extremely successful people I respect and or admire. It’s made me think about my life and where I want to go in life.

How can I show greater discipline? Does it have to be shown daily?

What can I sacrifice? What is the thing or mindset that is keeping me away from my goals?

These are the questions looming my mind. If I’m going to elevate I have to let something go. Either that or take on something new.

Maybe as a symbol of sacrifice I should give up more to Goodwill. All these clothes I never wear, can’t fit or forgot I had can all be sent somewhere else. Then after that cleaning out my closet and drawers of the worn out and damaged things that I just look over instead of getting rid of. Maybe clearing out the house and the car can be symbolic to the cleaning out of my life. Then next all these emails and addresses I have.

“Clutter by Nature” is seemingly my vice. Perhaps it’s time I show discipline and create more sacrifice. The symbolism of getting rid of the old to make room for the new may be just what I need. Let the challenge begin!

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