Building Social Influence

I think it’s safe to say that out of all social media platforms, I’m definitely obsessed with Instagram. It’s the only platform that I actually enjoy checking periodically throughout the day. Facebook is honestly number two because my engagement of conversation is greatest on there, but something about the functionality and idea of IG has it as top dog for me.

I never ever really liked twitter although I can’t deny that I get pretty decent engagement from “high profile accounts” and celebrities whether positive or negative. I can’t remember the last time I sent a snap on Snapchat. That platform to me is for travelers and people with interesting lives. Of course YouTube is great, especially after having to temporarily cancel my music streaming services. I can still keep up with all the new music I love on there and it’s still my number one spot to watch content.

I’m in the process of learning the game of becoming a social influencer on Instagram. My goal for 2018 is to have 50K IG followers by New Years Eve. It’s a pretty heavy task seeing that I’m not even 10% there. I’m currently running into the “follow then unfollow later” crowd and it’s killing my numbers and engagement. I do a pretty decent job of following back as long as you are active. I don’t really follow private accounts unless I know you and even then you need to have a decent post count. If you follow me and haven’t posted in months or years. I just expect you to unfollow soon so I don’t follow back. Just being realistic.

My first plan of action is to take better pictures. Not selfies either. I want to capture some great moments, reveal what I’m into and tell some “you had to be there” moments in pictures. I think that is the first step in achieving my goal.

Second thing I want to do is get and create better graphics and content. I think this is vital because it will set me apart from everyone else. It’s time to step my photoshop game up to Intermediate at worst and make it happen. Another reason why YouTube is a great platform.

Third thing is to have fun and not agonize over the numbers. This is my favorite platform. I don’t want it to become my least favorite because I’m trying so hard to grow it. It’s hard to find the fun on social media some days so I don’t want to ruin the good days with “How come more people aren’t following me?” For the followers I have, my engagement isn’t bad. It’s all about making it better from here.

I have a really good camera to help this process. I’ll need to get a better phone soon and I should tell more stories in a different way. Maybe treating IG like WordPress is how I will excel at it. 🤔

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