2 Career Cam

I hope this post finds you well today. I can’t deny. I am doing pretty fantastic. I started a new career path this past Thursday. I am officially back in the wild world of transportation. It’s great because this is one of the opportunities that I was waiting on for literally 3 months now. They told me the hold up was moving pieces around and finding a great fit for me within the company. Something I don’t think I’ve ever heard, but definitely appreciate. The people have been very nice, the work life balance is amazing and I’m 3 miles away from the building! You can’t tell me God isn’t real and that he isn’t smiling on me. I plan to give it my all since this is what will pay the bills. I know what’s on the other side of opportunities like this. 5-12 dollar an hour part time jobs with no benefits or warehouse jobs that wear and tear you body and your weekend. It’s been hard to maneuver doing those and trying to cultivate my passions and projects. Now, I just got to get back into a better more consistent sleep pattern so I can stop walking around half dead and increase my productivity. It’s going to come so no worries on that.

My contribution to the world of broadcasting would mean more if Logik Classic became a notable success vs if I became a great asset to a media corporation…That’s what I woke up and thought today. Yes; I definitely talked about wanting to be “back in radio” and “working for a company”. However, I was foolish to overlook the fact that I already am and do. I am the Program Director for Logik Classic. A streaming radio station under the Logik Media Group umbrella. It’s been official since January 1, 2018 although I’ve been working with the good people there since Fall of 2016. I can cause a great wave and strong outlet if I just put in the work and effort. I can do radio the way I see it vs doing it the way I’m told to. I don’t think you can ever really change the culture of corporate radio, but you can change the culture of radio by creating something new. That’s what I want to do. I like the spirit within that. I have to go all in. Now, I have my evenings, nights and weekends to do exactly that. The greatest thing about this is, I don’t have to depend on this to “pay the bills” or be a mind blowing success ASAP because I already have a source of income that will provide. I can do this and be free. Create, take my time and be patient. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Well, unless I had a rich relative or friend that was dying to invest.

Enjoy your weekend.

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