The Revamp

It’s been a minute, but I’ve needed to adjust. I haven’t worked 5 straight days and enjoyed it in a long time, ha! Although I enjoyed the randomness and freedom of my aimless and creative schedule, it feels good to have stability in work and pay. Still can’t get too comfortable though. Still got dreams to turn into goals.

The last couple days one word has been on my mind. Revamp. It’s much needed. With the book coming out and me planning things around it, this site will essentially be the headquarters for the whole operation. It has to showcase more than just the writing. I love the theme I have but I need that “Buy My Book” link visible, just in case someone actually does it. I been checking out some WordPress themes that cater to writing. They’re ok, but haven’t found the one I’m in love with yet. I’m not at the “look for a designer” stage and doubt I ever will be. I like the focus on my content. Not the bells and whistles around it.

I been thinking of more promo items, pictures I would like to take and how I’m going to celebrate this occasion. No solid answers on any of that, so I been touching up the cover. Which reminds me that I need to remove the first one since it has changed.

I love the fact I can do everything direct to consumer. So much pressure and red tape avoided in the publishing and release process doing this independently. Can’t forget the money being saved either. This book is literally going to come out 100% as I envisioned it. I’m so glad I can say that and mean it.

Thinking about interviews and reviews and I think I’d just rather that happen organically. No need to force the fake love or real hate.

I’ll get back in “Artsy Mode” soon. Just want to make sure I give all I got to this book right now. Talk soon.

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