My Work Gem

Today I answered a call and the way I answered was so “cool” that the person on the other line told me, “I’m waiting for you to call me sounding like you been mugged. It’s going to happen one day.”

I laughed and said nah, man. Can’t let that happen.

He told me that I won’t be sounding so cool one day.

Then I paused, spoke from the heart and told him, “I promise that won’t happen. This is freight, not Life.”

He went silent for a minute. Then said “damn, you gave me something to think about with that one, man.”

Then I proceeded to tell him that we all got something bigger going on once we punch out, so the last thing we need to do is let this job get to us.

It felt good to drop that gem off to him. It also felt good to be in a space to literally not be stressing, fussing and cussing at work. I been there. It’s not fun. I’m fresh off of having bad jobs, low paying jobs and even no job. An issue at a job with paid overtime is nothing but a great blessing to me right now. Hard to be mad at work when you know what’s on the other side of not having that work. I will have nothing but sincere gratitude until my next blessing pulls up.

No matter what your position. No matter what industry you are in, please remember this.

Relax. It’s work, not Life.

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