Can’t Get Too Comfortable

Had a conversation with a co-worker a few nights ago and she reminded me of so much with just one sentence. That sentence was “I don’t want a 9 to 5”. What came flooding back to me is feeling that exact same way just 6 months ago. Yeah, I needed a steady reliable source of income, but I also wanted to get that on my terms.

It was in that moment of her telling me that, I felt like I had deviated from my plan and got comfortable. The one thing I absolutely can not do is get too comfortable. Comfortable with the idea that this job is my long-term plan/goal. Comfortable with making this “get by money” and not willing to strive for nothing greater. Comfortable with putting my dream career on hold while I “take care of business”.

I like providing with the “job with paid overtime” but I know that I don’t want to look up in 5 years and that be my same fate or circumstance. I know that there is a bigger world out there that I need to conquer because in that world lies my true destiny. When I had nothing to do, I put in a lot more work into the life I desired. As I’ve started working, I’ve done less and less. What I have to do now is find that balance so that I can accomplish both till the other takes off.

Corporations are going to corporate…So I must coordinate a plan that doesn’t depend on them. Time to reevaluate, recharge and resurge!

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