Searching for More Balance…

I went from thinking how will I get money to pay what’s owed
To now a 9 To 5 with my passions on hold
Add that to quality time that’s needed each day
And no wonder why some dreams ain’t been worked on today

24 hours really is a whole lot of day to achieve
I just got to find the time and move effectively
Maybe one less hour of sleep
Maybe I could wake up around 4 to accomplish some things

8-10 hours a work does hurt
But being on the street with your family feels worse
As the man of the house
I can’t let them down
But I got to be in a space to make it happen right now

So I’m off to work
With my dreams on my mind
Thinking can I leave early
And will the rent be on time

Get ready as I prepare a great balancing act
Cause wanting it bad enough means I can handle all that…

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