Save When You Want To Spend Challenge

Time for more discipline. This one may be extremely tough, but I got to make this happen as I look at my bank account and wonder how am I going to achieve a goal that is extremely important to me so I can fulfill another branding task.

Starting today, every time I want to spend on a “want”, I’m going to take that money out and stash it. Example, if I want to go out and have a drink or two, I will take the price of those drinks out of my account and stash it in a drawer. Same for fast food trips, which I shouldn’t be taking anyway! Doing this in just one month would definitely put me well into the goal that I want to achieve which is simply having $300 for an upcoming project for more content creation.

$300 is my goal to have before August 15th. In just the month of June I spent $121.21. That’s not counting parking and actual lunch at work. That means I literally spent almost half the money I need to make this project happen randomly within 30 days! I’m honestly ashamed of myself! I can’t complain about anything when I literally let almost half of the money I need fly right out of my hands. So now it’s time for the discipline. If I want it that bad, I got to sacrifice to get it. If this is as important as I say it is, then I can surely go without for 60 days or less to get.

The numbers truly don’t lie. All those “want purchases” could have went to a deposit. The future ones will. It’s time to make it happen, because my dreams mean more to me than anything temporary. Time to CRUSH IT!

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