Words and Character

You want to know a hard lesson I had to learn? Everybody isn’t worth your wrath. There was a time where I would let absolutely nothing slide. Not one word from anybody on God’s green and blue earth. I had a response. A better response and I was always ready to take it further than you, stand on those words and mean it till my dying day.

As I grew older, what I realized is that some people will always talk. Some will always see your ugly. Some want to compete and beat you so bad that they will do whatever it takes to be in your conversation by keeping you in theirs. Understanding this is why I began to look at the character of the people that talk about me. How they move in life. How they act in different environments. What they are willing to do to maintain status, image and perception. In real life we will run into many people in life that solely “Hate us cause they ain’t us” and it will never change. Haters make the world go round, but understand that’s only cause they will highlight you tragedy even in the midst of your triumph.

If you’ve ever wrestled with this like me, I implore you to analyze the character of the people that speak ill of you. Process it thoroughly, then enjoy the rest of the day God gave you to excel in. That’s what’s really worth all your time and energy.

Good Morning

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