Getting Back My Childhood Innocence

As a child, you don’t know you’re broke. You don’t know what you have, don’t have and how “real” the world can get. You get up everyday, in a good spirit. You think about your friends, food, your favorite TV shows and naps. Sometimes you want naps, sometimes you don’t. Now of course there is no real responsibility outside of cleaning your room and maintaining your pet if you have one, but let’s just stick to the feelings.

As an adult, many of us focus on our have nots. We don’t take time to appreciate our “haves” because we are always thinking of how to get more. Over the last few days I have been reminded that I do this and it’s hurting people and things around me. I was reminded that being down and acknowledging my have nots will not get me further along or out of my slump.

I’ve never had the luxury of having a lot of money. However, it didn’t really matter in life until I got much older and focused on the fact I didn’t have it. I grew up modest. I rode a bike and walked to destinations. I played in the projects with my friends and family and if I had a few dollars for juice and candy I was cool. I can’t lie, I want to get back to that feeling. That feeling of knowing everyday you have more than enough, because you got what you have and that’s all that matters.

That childhood innocence. That part of me that holds my reality in high regard and loving every second of it. That carefree spirit that doesn’t second guess and just executes. That child that would walk into a store with $5 and find so many things for $5 or less instead of saying, “I shouldn’t be here with less than $20.”

If you have never let the feelings and spirit of your childhood innocence go, I commend you. I want to talk to you. I want you to help me get mine back. Even if it’s just a simple word of advice. You are a special being and we all need to be more like you. For the sake of a positive life, never give up your childhood innocence.

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