Pay What You Owe

I’m in a lot of debt. Like a lot. Not quite the 6 figure range but definitely more than I can handle at the moment. In a perfect world; I could work full time, live comfortably on the street and pay off what I owed and stick with just money to eat and I would probably be in a great space by Summer 2020. I live in the real world and we will just just deem that plan as unfeasible for now.

In an attempt to take care of the sticker for the car I am using, I was reminded that, I really owe my mom a lot of money. She’s helped to the point she can’t any more and I unfortunately haven’t given her a dime even with 2 jobs. I feel bad about that. I got to figure out something. Even if it’s just giving change to her monthly until it turns into some real money, I got to start doing it now.

I truly do believe in “Pay What You Owe”. I never want to be thrown in that moocher, leach, or beggar category and I hate having to ask for anything, especially financial. I’d definitely endure and potentially suffer without than to ask. I’ve had bad experiences with asking and accepting and well, I just never want to open those wounds again.

I also feel that as soon as I start paying what I owe, more will come my way. Trying to pay what I can with the little I have and then that energy will pay off ten-fold. When you worry about the money to pay, you never have it. When you pay up with no fear, you seem to always have enough. I love the feeling of always having more than enough.

God is about to work miracles for my financial life. First I have to do my part. Here’s to putting myself dead last and paying what I know is owed.

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