My Media. My Way

I’m up early and wrestling with a lot of thoughts. One of those thoughts is from an exchange I had a couple days ago. I was placed in a position of “wrong” and my action was deemed “kinda bogus” because I originally couldn’t schedule a couple interviews for Independent artist until October. Keep in mind it wasn’t because I refused to do them at all. I just couldn’t do them during the timeframe this person asked.

It was an instant reminder of everything I loathe about the Independent music scene. Some of the people that you deal with really make you want to walk away from it all. The self absorbed, entitled, “how you not going to do this for me” attitude just blows me beyond belief. I’m also not sure how great it is for your exposure and brand building. Which is the primary reason I do it.

I’m in a place right now where I want to cancel everybody and just go back to not doing any interviews period. I’m not the type of creator that thrives off of guest or needs “a name” to create compelling content. Once this string of interviews is over I will go back to being super selective on what I do and why.

That exchange over booking interviews was a reminder that I don’t need to ever do them and I will be just fine. Every year thousands of artist and dozens of Managers and PR people will want reviews and interviews solely to help them look popping. And every year they will want to get on absolutely any platform they can no matter how new or old. There will never be a shortage of request in that game. And this week reminded me that I never have to play that game in route to my ultimate goal.

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