Situations…Will Arise

This dialogue can be read as a man or a woman. Cause the game never changes, nor is it one sided. People just choose to believe it’s that way. Check the blends and cross patterns of two sides of the same “Situationship”

You’re dope. And I’m starting to love everything about you. I was only in to hit it once, but it was so good that I had to double dip and well, the more I dipped the better you felt. The chemistry got real and the fire burned hotter. What can I say, we are unreal together. Sexually that is…but if I denied more than that I’d be lying.

We don’t hang much unless it’s time to lay up. At first it seemed cool but now I don’t know. It’s like maybe dinner and a movie wouldn’t be so bad as a change of pace. It’s got to be more than “Firestick and Fuck”, right? Maybe that’s all I want, but it doesn’t feel like all I need. We’ve spent countless weekends and late night creeps together. It’s fun and I won’t lie it’s exciting, but damn. Maybe it’s time for more…

Maybe I’m tripping. Maybe it’s all these DM’s I’m getting. I haven’t entertained one message yet. Haven’t thought about hitting up anyone else either. You would think it would be easy to just say “Nah, I’m gon’ chill. You’re the one. Let’s just rock out me and you.” But we haven’t done that. I don’t want to force things. I want it to be mutual. I just want to make sure that you want me exactly how I want you. Until then, I’ll take what I can get from you.

Is it cause the allure of being single is all good for “The Gram”? Is it cause one day that first crush is going to “WYD?” me like, “DAMN!”? Is it cause maybe just maybe, I can get this threesome popping and do some things that society would call “THOT Shit” but I don’t care cause that’s what I’m on and…well…You can’t do that in no relationship; Can you?

Will the sex be as nasty and hot once we put a title on this? Will we start missing cues when it’s time for some dick? Will you be more concern about where I’m at when I’m not around, but I been moving the exact same way since we first got down?

Those are questions that need answers and Im ready to receive. Our situation does confirm the lines of Love and Loyalty. They’re not one in the same. Cause I can love fucking you, but be loyal to keep it a convenience thang. The type of loyalty that will let you go out, get some even have a main. The loyalty that may meet the closest homey but the parents, EH! we’ll refrain. And it’s not cause I’m ashamed. We’re just not a couple, but I want you and maybe to them that’s hard to explain.

It’s seems this situation is the forever honeymoon stage. But is that because we’re not willing to work during down time and strain? I’m mean, I do know some of your darkest secrets. In fact we connect better than anyone else. Are we too much alike? Are we too scare of ourselves. Am I broken? Are you bitter? Are we stuck on all the wrongs? If we truly are meant to be so happy, how come we found others to “get along”? I mean, what the fuck is so wrong with me, you and us? Connecting this many times for this many months, is obviously more than lust. So what’s up? We kind of official and it hasn’t been tough. Seriously is it about having a better option and not having to explain why you want to get up?

Maybe we just over-thunk. Let’s not try to define, title and just be “Us”. I mean, we were fine until all of our friends asked “What’s up?” The picture of us kind of hugged up wasn’t too much. It’s just folks be so damn nosey and well, I don’t want to mess this up.

We cool. We straight. We aight. We friends. They say that’s how all great relationships form and begin. Maybe friend is the realest thing you can be to me till the end. Cause I need that more than anything, with everything I been through. Last thing I would ever really want to lose is the friend that I have in you.

We should talk about it sooner than later. It should be a serious topic we touch. But until then, you know the code. So when I send that come fuck. I love the fact that I can talk to you like that…

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