Solving Rich People Problems

I never see all the rich and depressed people I hear about. The ones that have so much money, but are super unhappy. I hear they are lonely depressed and are not sure what to do with their life and time.

I would gladly put in work to clear my debt or trade places for a week.

They wouldn’t even have to give me all their money. Just hit me with enough to clear all my debt so my check can go to my account and stay there. Well, maybe hit me with enough to pay my rent for 12 months in advance too.

If the money isn’t bringing you happiness, be a blessing to someone in need. It would be great for your spirit to know that you have helped someone who was unable to help themselves.

Maybe you would feel better to hire someone and pay them well to do things you don’t want to do. Bottom line use that money as a tool and help get one more family out of poverty. I think that would be a noble thing. Just a thought in case anyone was trying to figure out how to solve a rich person problem today.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday.

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