Thank God for Your Struggle

Often times I would wonder “man, why has no one noticed me?” How come I don’t have the connections? How come no one is extending a hand to help me?

Looking back it’s because I wasn’t ready and it wasn’t my time. Also could mean that path wasn’t for me. I believe that your passion will make anything consistent and effortless. As I dial back and shift my focus on 3 things, I’m aware that those things have become part of my everyday subconsciously. It’s now a piece of my daily/weekly routine. Now it’s time to double down on them and make them something special to more than just me.

I thank God for my struggle and frustration. I thank God for the uncertainty and the the anxiety of “trying to make it”. I thank him cause it forced me to have focus and remain consistent. I was a man of many hats that could do anything. It got to the point no one knew what to call me and wasn’t sure what I could do. As I dial back it’s clear what I do and the consistent focus backs it up. I wouldn’t have learned that if everything I did just took off and people couldn’t wait to hop on board and ride out with me.

So God, thank you. I appreciate the lesson. Now, let’s make a life of no regrets.

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