At Peace with My Mind

I’ve been playing out negative scenarios with silver linings in my mind lately…

I have been wrestling with some things mentally and emotionally lately. Part of me thinks it’s me preparing myself for the worst. However, within in that “worst” I do see greatness. My self doubt and optimism are having a party right now and my conscious is the dance floor.

What I’m thinking about is probably not meant for a public platform right now. Not even one that I control. What I will say is, I am at peace with all the good and the bad that comes with whatever is next. I think I am becoming a master of my emotions. Something I definitely wasn’t the best at in different times in my life. I thank God for that feeling. It means I’ve grown. It means I’ve evolved. It means that I am becoming a master of channeling my energy on my terms. With control comes great power. I want to feel that power eternally.

As I look through this lens on my life, I can only accept and prepare. No matter what happens, I still see great things for the future.

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