Letting Go of The Struggle Connection

Earlier this week, I finally let go. I finally walked away from trying so hard at something that was never there. I put in the right amount of effort. I spent time, money and dedicated myself to the process. I put as much care as I could into the situation. In the end, it was just time to let go and it was honestly better for the both of us.

So I took those trimmers and shaved off my struggle bus of a connection and went back to a full chin piece. My emerging sideburns and hairy jawline gave me a lot of hope, but end of day it’s just not meant to be. I knew it was a losing battle when my left jawline was getting full but my right sideburn was filling out. I’ve never had real side burns a day in my life. Maybe they will come out in my 40’s. Perhaps that is when a full beard or goatee will be apart of my appearance. Until then, it’s chin pieces and short sideburns. No more struggle connection for me. Know when the battle is not yours and bow out gracefully.

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