Processing Death

Hearing about death can be humbling. I’m in a period of life where it takes some time to process. Death has been pretty busy around me the last 2 years. It’s shocked, stunned and frozen me in my tracks. Doesn’t seem to get easier to cope with at first mention these days.

It’s a reminder that every day should be cherished. Every moment should not be taken for granted and tomorrow can be the last time you are seen or heard.

I need silence when I hear about death. I need a moment to myself. Whether it’s a drive, a walk or a sit in complete silence, I need it. I’m not sure how to grieve, but clearing my mind is always a great way to keep on pushing.

RIP to my friend and colleague KG. He was a really good person and I had nothing but respect for him. I hope he’s in a state of happiness with no pain. I hope he is smiling and is in a better place.

I send my condolences to his family both blood and radio bonded as well as his friends. You’ll be missed KG. Talk soon.

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