Hey Guys, It’s Marley!

What’s up everybody? I’m Marley!

Clay said he has something to tell me, but he just needed some time. Apparently an audience comes with that time, ha!

Clay’s a cool brother. We are far from “Bro and Sis” though. I really like him. On the surface you see 6’4, strong build and a well dressed man at all times, but it’s so much more to him than that. There’s those gorgeous white teeth of his. Those incredibly strong arms and he’s still very handsome when he shaves. Chiseled good looks is what my Grandma would say.

What attracted me to Clay was his ambition. He knows what he wants and just how to get it. That’s a play on one of our favorite Gangstarr songs, for those not up on they hip-hop. What really got me was his words. Damn, this boy and his words! A man that can use his words is a powerful man. I don’t even think he realizes what his words truly do to me.

Clay is relentless, passionate and so damn nasty! I can’t lie, it’s the ultimate turn on. I met plenty of guys who brag on they dick, swear they can work they dick and wanted me on their dick every day of the week. Clay is the only one that could stand strong with no talk and get all that and more without asking. He’s modest to say the least, but I can take it all, any way and all day!

I don’t want to be all corny and say we could be a low key power couple, but I don’t know anybody doing it like us without TMZ in their face. We’re also not official on any level. We just work hard, fuck good and chase dreams. The dick he’s dropping is too good for me to let go because of a title. Just how I feel. Besides, I need a friend for life more than I need to be called a Wife. What we got is dope. I wouldn’t trade it and I hope he won’t either…

I know plenty of women think I’m tripping and every meme that you have read on social media has told you that I’m wrong and selling myself short to have a man. What they don’t know is that I’m in control of me and what I want to do with this pussy. Right now, Clay has got easy access. I just turned 30 and I’m not a woman struggling to find myself and dying to get a ring. I am success and satisfaction driven. Between my business and my time with Clay, I have exactly that. We’ll get to society’s guide to love and happiness later.

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