Eruptions: Her Name Is Marley

I was never in active pursuit of love, but I may have just found it.

The thought I had as I laid in bed, drained with visions replaying of what might be the best sex I ever had. As I smile looking at the ceiling, I close my eyes and go right back to the highlights of just an hour before. Her tongue gliding up and down my dick and the soft, slippery haven that was her mouth as she sucked on me like she created the instrument she performed her masterpiece on. The way she looked me in the eyes as she let me erupt in her mouth and swallowing everything I let go.

Her riding, smooth and strong. Even when I hoisted her up in my arms and slammed her on my dick, I could feel her walls gripping and saturating my shaft, making me weak in the knees.

From the back was phenomenal. As I drive deep into her, I felt her climax and a gush of wetness laced my tip, letting me know I need to pull out or else round 3 was going to paint the bottom of her pussy. Man, that was incredible! It was hot and intense. At the same time it felt special. It’s only been 3 weeks. A few conversations and 2 real dates. I can’t judge for moving this fast. Hell, it was a mutual desire.

Cornballs judge women for how and when they have sex. What type of sucka shit is calling a girl a “hoe” after she gives you the pussy that you have been in pursuit of? I’ll answer for you, Supreme Sucka shit! Some of these goofballs harass and even beg for it. I like getting what I came for. She gave me that and then some. Can’t even lie, I would have cuddled with her ass if she laid here for a few minutes. I don’t think less of her. I’m thinking about the next time already. Not just the next time in her but the next time with her. Tonight, is a good as night!

*a door opens startling Clay and the woman walks out of the bathroom. She’s naked, hair is wet, body glistening *

Clay: “Hey!” Which was the only thing that I could think of as I felt a little shortness of breath as I seen her walk back into the room. No lie, the sheets moved up. No hands though.

Her: Hey? Is that how you greet me after putting it down like that? haha!

Clay: I’m sorry…it’s just…You look even better now than you did before you got up.

Her: Aww. Aren’t you sweet after a nut and a soft dick….

Clay: …But it’s not soft…

I needed more right then and there. I knew she had to leave to rest for work, but I had work of my own. As she was looking for her clothes, I hopped up and snatched them out of her hand. She turned to me and noticed I was indeed ready to delight myself with more of her.

Her: Indeed! Not soft at all! Down boy!

*As she slaps down and hits my dick making it bounce back. She then looks me in the eyes then back down at my dick, licks her palm and grips me and I start to throb in her clutch.*

Her: You serious huh? 4 Rounds though? You got that for me?

Clay: I don’t even want to talk about what I got for you

So I grab her chin to kiss her lips softly. I then insert my tongue in her mouth and suck her bottom lip with my kiss. She rubs my dick slow, but keeps a tight grip in combination of her caress.

As it gets heated, I lay her on the edge of the bed, spread her legs open and lift them up. I peck kiss her clit until she begins to lay flat and understand she is not going anywhere. I wanted to take my time, admire and enjoy this moment. I moistened her lips, with salivating licks. I tasted a layer of her wetness as I rolled my tongue in her. As I bring it back to clit, she told me everything I wanted to hear. Not with her words, but her reactions. Her thighs begin to quiver, her clit begin to swell. Her harmonious moan was sonically perfect and making me harder.

Her: You want this pussy to cum all over your face, boy? Huh baby? That’s what you want this pussy to do?

That was my cue to go in. I begin to suck on her clitoris like I was dying of thirst of thirst and only her juices could revive me. Then I worked the tongue in to break up the sucking and she locked her long gorgeous legs around my neck and proceed to grind and fuck my mouth vigorously.


Her leg shaking orgasm ensues and her entire body is quivering from the release that she just experienced.

As her breath comes in spurts, I smile. I smile because I’m not done and I know I’m bout to wear her out real quick. As I begin to head for the dresser for the condom, I am stopped.

Her: Uh-uh, Nigga! Show me what that raw Dick do. Right now!

Clay: Oh Word!? If you insist.

G! My dick is on 10,000 right now! Dripping from just her words and how I made her cum. Now she going to let me get it raw, again! This is heaven and I’m about to die!

No tricks and positions this time. I just see this beautiful woman after a great orgasm with a wet pussy waiting to receive me. Time to keep it sexy and simple.

I mount myself between her thighs and try to kiss first and be all sensual. She reaches down, grabs my shaft and slides me right in her pussy. I moan and feel her walls hugging me. I fit like a glove. Better than I felt the first time I put it in. The moment was so intense and she felt so soft and wet and was talking her shit. It was at that moment I knew I wouldn’t last too long.

Her: How do I feel, baby? This pussy good to you? You like the way I grip that dick?

Clay: Hell yeah I like it! I love it! Fuck! Oooh. Your pussy feel too fucking good right now.

Her: Too good huh? You bout to nut in this pussy ain’t you?

Clay: Nope.

As I try to hang on but the strokes are getting shorter cause we both know, I’m about done for with these 10-12 strokes she got already.

Her: No? You don’t want to to cum in this pussy, baby?

She says so passionately as she kisses and licks on my neck.

Clay: Now, hold on. I ain’t say all that!

She laughs and tells me to turn on my back so she can get on top. This is risky cause I am one wet move from letting it go. She straddles me, looking sexier than ever! She can feel my stroke changing and see the expression on my face change as well.

Her: A man cautious about nutting in a girl on the first night. I like that…

She hops off my dick, grabs it and starts stroking and licking it at the same time causing me to explode all over myself. I belt out a Lion like moan as I can feel my sack empty from the eruption. She enjoys the reaction and begins to “clean me up” and starts pecking on my tip.

Her: Mmm…That’s Daddy….hehe! Good job!

Clay: I couldn’t have done it without you.

Her: You’re cute, haha!

As she takes her smile away and inches my tip back to her clit.

Her: Why don’t you cum again for me, baby.

Clay: Again? Right now?

Her: Pleeease? I really want to see you cum again.

I don’t even know how to answer a request like that, but little did I know she was already providing the solution. As she continued rubbing my tip on her clit, she began to salivate and drool and let it land between her legs. While that is happening she is caressing, rubbing and playing with my tip while stroking it and rubbing it across the clit with her other hand. I’ve never had no shit like that in my life!

Clay: I don’t think I got it in me

Her: You don’t have it for me, baby? Not even a little drop for me? You sure you don’t have it for me, babe?

I went from unsure to certain as I felt the sensation of busting creeping up from a place I never even felt before!

As I throbbed between her legs continued to let her saliva drip and play more. She must have felt what I felt because she quickly turned to the 69 position on top of me and begin to suck on my dick while rubbing an index finger on my balls till I belted out a screeching falsetto filled arrival.

Her: Mmm. That’s what I came for.

It felt like I shot a fucking bullet out of my dick! Straight kill-shot shit!

Clay: My God. You are incredible! I’ve never had no shit like that in my life.

Her: Do me good. I’ll do you better. Do what you did with that tongue and… see.

Clay: I sure the fuck do! Anytime you need that, I’m available. Real shit.

Her: Is that right? I’m going to see if you talking that kind of talk when your not fresh off a good back to back nut.

Clay: You think this just good nut talk?

Her: “I’m saying I’m down to see if it’s not.” As she kisses with the mouth that performed literal magic just seconds before.

Clay: That’s fair. What’s the move with you tomorrow?

Her: Work! I got a goal to meet and I can’t rest till it’s met.

Clay: I understand that. Got to get to those dreams by any means

I didn’t want to seem to thirsty for another encounter, so I just laid back and played as cool as I could. As she left to freshen up, I knew that I wanted her. As I watched her put back on her clothes. I knew I had to make her want me. As we kissed and she left, I got in the shower thinking of how this would be the first of many times we would be nasty, have fun and learn each other. However, it’s just possibly one problem. I don’t think I want to stop fucking other women forever.

Dr. Thomas: And why is that? It sounds like you have already been bitten by the love bug from this woman. Sounds like your nose is so open you could plant a tree in it.

Clay: Because, Doc. Sex with the same woman continuously will and does get old. That’s just a fact of life. Yeah, it starts out great. Sometimes it starts perfectly. Then, the honeymoon is over, reality sets in and even if the sex is phenomenal, you’ll see something else out there and you’ll want a taste or two.

Sometimes I just want to hear a new voice. Feel a new lick. See how my stroke affects “that woman too”. Don’t get me wrong, I would come back. I would even go as far to say I would make sure she was getting more dick than any other women. I just want to break up that monotony, you know?

Dr. Thomas: You do realize that what you want sounds like a sex stable right, Clay?

Clay: Yeah. I also am trying to come to grips with why I want to tell this woman and I’ve never wanted to tell a woman anything like this before.

Dr. Thomas: Interesting. What makes her so different?

Clay: You ever meet a person and thought “even if this person doesn’t understand me, they wouldn’t judge me?”

Dr. Thomas: Honestly, no. I can’t say I have definitely met a person like that besides myself.

Clay: Well I feel that with her. It’s an energy. A chemistry that lets me know we are on the same wavelength. Kindred spirit, soulmate shit. I feel I can tell her things that would freak other women out and it would lead to a real conversation. Not judgement and awkwardness

Dr. Thomas: What if she wants a stable of her own?

Clay: To be honest, Doc. I haven’t thought that far ahead; but I can tell you that even you mentioning that didn’t cause any anger or anxiety in any way to me.

Dr. Thomas: Wow! A man not wanting to possess and control a woman as he roams free in the wild. This is becoming a learning experience for me! That is not a normal trait of a man. Especially a man who sounds like he’s falling in love.

Clay: I know. It sounds wild, but what I feel is truly different. It’s not meant to for everybody to understand and be ok with. That’s why I’m not even sure if people on the outside looking in would call it love. Especially not that socially acceptable love

Dr. Thomas: Well Clay, there are many forms of love. A friend, a dog, a child and a wife don’t necessarily breed the same kind of love from the same person. I think the most important aspect of love is making sure it is unconditional. So when do you plan to tell her all of this?

Clay: I would love to say the next time I see her, but honestly, who knows.

Dr. Thomas: Well, never forget the primary reason  you come here is because of your need to express your truest feelings to the people that need to hear them most. You’ve made great progress with your anxiety over the last few months. Don’t take a step back because of the new feelings you are processing. In fact, this may be the best scenario to test how much progress you have made since this spring. By the way, who is this “Her” that has taken up our time today?

Clay: Her name is Marley.


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