Eruptions: 3rd Date Talk

*Getting ready for work, Clay’s phone starts buzzing. While stepping out of his closet he walks to his phone, reads the name and visibly beams and opens up the unread message.

“Hello Sir. I know this is a little forward, but I would like to see you this evening. Are you available? It’s my favorite restaurant so it’s my treat. Talk soon.”

To be honest, I just never got a message like that from a woman before. It’s always the “Man better make the first move. The man better pay. Even though you’re going where she wants to go, this is definitely at your expense.” Not that I personally mind any of that. I live by “Time is money” and if I really want a woman’s time, I’ll request her time with no regard to expense. That’s how the game goes. Women require time and money. Every age and every phase of life. You will never find a woman that will not require your time and money.

But, Marley is dope! It’s been at least four days since I seen her. It felt good telling my therapist about her. I had to tell someone I trusted. Sometimes the fellas just don’t understand and they will lead you astray with, “but is the pussy fire though?” as a means of making every decision. I need more depth than that on this one.

I couldn’t wait to hit her back and did exactly that. No pause, hold up or waiting game. I want that. I need to get that.

*text message sequence*

“Hey Miss Marley. I absolutely want to be your date tonight. Don’t be thinking cause you wine and dine me that you can get some of this, lol!”

“HAHA! Boy, please! You know what it is when I pull up, lol!”

“This is hilarious!”

“Later Clay Bae”😍😘

“Later Miss Lady. Them emoji’s though…”

I know some people be tripping on texting and it being “no emotional attachment” or that conversation and tone can be misguided, but I felt all the right shit when she sent that! I was geeked! I was down to cancel a meeting to get to her if I had to!

As we get playful and get some sexually charged jokes off, I got the address. It’s a spot called “Freddie’s”. I honestly had never been there, but if it’s Marley’s favorite spot then it’s definitely a spot I want to know about. I looked it up and it has a 60’s Rat Pack vibe. That’s right up my alley. Can’t believe I never heard of this place, but I can’t wait to attend.

As I met with clients today the only thing on my mind was Marley. I can still feel the affects of her touch from almost a week ago. Her smile and her smoky, sultry voice already embedded in my brain. What can I say. She’s a top priority for both of my heads.

I was able to wrap up a little early today, so I decided to hit the area early. Pulling up to the venue for valet is cool, but when I get a chance, I love to walk the beautiful city that is Chicago. The skyline is the best in the world. The landmarks are artsy and breathtaking. The energy that you feel in the downtown area, is truly one of a kind. I’ve walked the city broke and I’ve walked the city financially secure and that feeling doesn’t fade. Still thinking about getting a condo down here. Those county taxes and the winter season always cause my hesitation.

As I’m walking down the street I get an alert in my headphones. It’s Marley.

*Text sequence*

“Hey! I’m about to valet. How far are you?*

“I’m actually 2 blocks away. Walking up now.”

“K. See you in a minute”

It pays to be right on time. I won’t even lie. I picked up the pace after I got that message. Power walking in a  stone color tailored suit isn’t the best move, but getting to a woman like Marley as soon as you can is a must!

As I walked through the revolving door, I see her. Black skirt with the slit on the side, showing off those mahogany legs that are to die for. Black 3/4 sleeve blouse with the top 3 buttons open. Her lace black bra looks as great as the cleavage it accentuates. Black heels, silky black hair down to her shoulders. What I want to eat right now, definitely isn’t on the menu.

Clay: “Hey Lady!”

Marley: Clay! Thanks for coming out! So glad you could make it on short notice.

Clay: It’s all good. I had no plans besides work and this was a pleasant surprise I wasn’t going to pass up.

Marley: Sincere man speech. I ain’t used to that, ha! Our tables ready.

Being by her side is great, but I had to get few steps behind to watch her lead the way. Her stroll is majestic. Her firm ass perched on the legs I adore and hugged by the skirt she enhances with each movement. She could have walked out of my life and made me the happiest saddest man in the state of Illinois. My God.

*As Marley takes a seat she smiles and engages in conversation with a more than obviously mesmerized Clay. The waiter has greeted and taken the drink orders. An enamored Clay is “having whatever she’s having.*

Marley: So, Clay. How was the ride over.

Clay: Ride???

Marley: Yes…Your ride and walk to the restaurant.

Clay: Oh! Yes! Ride! Yes, the ride was…incredible.

Marley: Incredible, huh?

As she smiles obviously knowing that I am making a fool out of myself with this conversation as my eyes are occupied on her beauty.

Thank God for the arrival of the waiter to take our drink requests. We went ahead and place our orders for the meals as well. I noticed the waiter knew Marley and was making sure that he was on her A game. I’ll ask about that later though.

I make an attempt to pull myself together. I wasn’t sure where to begin, so I relied on my first lesson in therapy. When you can’t hide, don’t.

Clay: Sorry. I sound dumb as hell right now. Can I break the ice and wall of intense sexual energy that is radiating off me right now?

Marley: Please do. “with intrigue and anticipation in her beautiful hazel brown eyes”

Clay: You look incredible tonight. From the moment I walked in this restaurant and saw that piece of of thigh in the slit of that skirt, the only thing I wanted a taste of in this restaurant, is you. I want the time to converse, eat and create a moment. But just know there will be moments where I will see nothing, but me thrusting my dick inside of you and you passionately saying my name.

Marley: Whoa! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Clay: Only on the cheek.

She laughs and smiles in what appears to be relief and amazement.

Marley: Well, let me tell you, Clay. I’m glad that you communicate so, raw yet poetic. It’s very rare. You say things that would be crass from the average mans mouth. I like how you talk your shit.

Clay: Whew! That went well, lol!

Marley: Did you expect a different reaction?

Clay: I guess so. I could say the exact same thing to some other women and would get rolled eyes and “So, you just here for some pussy, huh?” responses. True I want that, but I feel I’m making it very clear I’m here for the whole experience. I just try to express myself the best way I know how and well, lets just say I’ve spent a lot of years being misunderstood.

Marley: Are you a liar?

Clay: No! Over time that seems to be the problem. If I was a liar, I’d probably be happily married with 2-3 kids by now! Not many are ready for my truth.

Marley: Then what makes you so honest?

Clay: Anxiety. Fear of not letting at least one person know how I truly feel. The feeling that nags my brain when I know I’m not keeping it 1,000. It even affects my sleep at night. I’m getting professional help with it though.

Marley: Professional help meaning therapy?

Clay: Yes. Does that make me seem soft?

Marley: “Soft!?” She says as she looks at me in an almost pathetic, but sympathetic manner.

Clay, you are a well dressed, eloquently speaking black man that is dealing with his emotions both personally and professionally. You are embodying a man to me right now. I am proud yet intrigue to be having this conversation with you. And this is date 3?

Clay: Yeah, date 3.

Marley: Well I hope you keep in mind that I want a sixth date.

Clay: That is noted and understood. Thank you.

Marley: For?

Clay: Being the type of black woman I knew existed.

Marley: Meaning?

Clay: I’ve spent years chasing and tasting the rainbow. Thinking that my success and demeanor was never going to appeal to the average or above average black woman. I never been to jail. I don’t be on no tough guy shit. I express myself colorfully and I really try to sort out the world that exist in my mind. Oddly enough, I haven’t found many black women willing to deal with that. I never bashed black women or anything like that, but right now you giving me real unicorn vibes. I have so much gratitude for this moment.

Marley: That’s sweet of you Clay.

Clay: And that’s sincere. Many black folks look a therapy and mental health help as “White People shit” and for a woman of your style and caliber to be accepting off the bat, is a great relief to me.

Marley: Your words.

Clay: My words?

Marley: Yes, your words. A man that can use his words is a man more powerful than he truly knows. You sir, are a powerful man.

Clay: Thank you.

I begin to notice a change in her after that statement. Her eyes lowered and she appeared to uncross her legs in our booth.

As we wait for our meals, the conversation gets, interesting.

Marley: So Clay. Let’s get all of our Wiki facts out of the way since we didn’t do much of that on date one. Tell me. How old are you? What do you do for a living? Why didn’t I know that information on our first date?

Clay: Well, I’m 33. I’m a Business Consultant and I…

As I attempt to answer the last question, I feel a brush up against my thigh.

Clay: I didn’t want to want to provide any information you didn’t want to know.

Marley: Haha! Cool answer, my guy! Do you mind if I get comfortable?

Clay: The more comfortable you are, the better I would feel.

With that statement she extends her legs under the booth and places her feet, right on the zipper on my slacks.

The waiter has returned with our food. I have scooted close to the booth and feel like I could put a hole through the restaurant table if my dick was out.

As she begins to pick up her silverware she notices that I haven’t taken a look down at my plate or taken my hands from my sides.

Marley: Well, are you hungry, Clay?

Clay: Oh I am starving, sweetie.

Marley: Well you’re food is right there sir. You should eat.

Clay: I would like to but…

Marley: You’re orders not what you desire?

Clay: You could say that.

Marley: What do you desire, Clay?

Clay: Well right now, as your firm and soft feet caress my zone, I’d love to bust this nut you have building up inside of me.

Marley: You’d cum in this restaurant for me?

Clay: I’d cum wherever you’d want right now.

Marley: Really?

That enticed her beyond belief. The pace of her movement increased and I could feel myself pre-cumming heavy in my draws.

Clay: Yes, really! At this point if you don’t do it for me, I will. I’m reaching that point of no return.

Marley: Oooh! Clay is a freak with no conscious!

Clay: Or any blood above my neck at this point. So what’s up? It’s either here or the bathroom, but I’m going to cum. You have soft and beautiful feet by the way. I’m not even the type of dude that like feet like that, but you are making me a fan.

Marley: Hmmm nice! Ok Mr. gonna nut now. Unzip yourself and take that big ass dick out for me. Hold it under the table. I got you.

This was not the time to ask no dumb ass question like “you sure?” I reached unzip and pull out immediately with immense excitement and efficiency. I held my dick out, legs wide open to avoid any splashing on my stone gray slacks. While holding I feel a unique softness. Her toes connecting with my tip in a titillating fashion using my precum for a lubrication to enhance the moment.

While this is going on she drinks her water down some, then dips her cloth napkin in the water.

Marley: How’s that feel Clay Bae? You liking this? That dick gonna cum for Miss Marley?

Clay: Incredible! Im loving this. Cumming is inevitable!

Marley: Lets say we make the inevitable right now.

Clay: Be my guest.

In a smooth motion, she wets more of the napkin, removes her now sticky foot and grabs a hold of my dick and puts the wet cloth over my tip. I feel the cool wetness of the cloth and she begins to stroke strong and aggressively. I want to holler so bad, but this is a public place. She strokes faster and I lose all control.

Marley: Let it go, Clay Bae. Let’s see what Daddy do.

The cool wet sensation is causing my dick to jump. Her stroke is place perfectly and is bringing me a comfort that only I can achieve. As she inches her hand right under my tip she makes a twisting pull motion and I slam a fist on the table and erupt so hard I hit both knees on the table causing a stir in the restaurant. Panting and breathless I say

Clay: Fuck! Sorry! Didn’t mean to cause a scene. That was amazing!

Marley smiling at me slows her stroke and loosens her grip while a pulsate and drip every drop of my cum in the now saturated wet cloth napkin. I’m sensitive to the touch but she wipes me up quickly as we notice the waiter making his way back to our table.

Is everything alright, he asked?

Clay: Yeah, I uh, just had my allergies flare up a bit. Violent sneezes are an unfortunate reaction sometimes.

The waiter nods and makes his way to another table.

Marley: Look at you. Quick in whit and in intense situations and environments nonetheless.

Clay: Hey, telling him “I just bust the greatest nut during a dinner ever was not going to fly at a place like this, ha”

As the mood lightens and my solider eases, I notice that Marley still has the cloth. She leans to her side and opens the cloth and says.

Marley: Mmm! That’s Daddy.

It sounds so cute but it kind of confuses me at the same time. So in confusion, I must seek clarity.

Clay: You know. I notice that during a couple times when I’ve came, you say “That’s Daddy”. Exactly what does that mean?

Marley: Paying attention. I like that. “That’s Daddy” is an expression I use when I see so much cum that I know I would have gotten pregnant if all that went in me. It’s a little quirky or corny I know, but it’s fascinating to me.

Clay: Mmm. Well I definitely like your quirks.

She smiles and I can’t resist her. I want to fuck right now. I call for the waiter. He asks if everything is ok, I tell him yes, I just need 2 boxes and the check. Marley also looking confused.

Marley: Is everything ok? Is there an emergency?

Clay: Yes, it is. It is urgent that I get inside of you as soon as possible. I’m in the parking garage, 3 blocks away. My Tahoe has dark tent and I want to be inside of it, while I’m inside of you and I am not taking no as a serious answer.

Marley: Well if that’s what you want. Lets take a walk.

The check comes and she snatches it up and leaves cash. Telling the waiter to keep the change. I grab the bag and her arm and we proceed in a hurry out of the restaurant.

Even though the walk is short, I couldn’t wait to start my fun. I got behind her kissing her neck and grazing my reignited solider across her soft and supple ass. We get to the stoplight and kiss passionately. My hand are where the slit is. She takes my hand, takes my index and middle finger and guides it to her pussy lips. She has no panties! A pool of wetness makes my hunger to be inside of her even greater.

We race up the stairs of the parking garage. I hit the locks to the back seat and she hops right in, kicks her shoes off and lifts her skirt. I reach for a condom in the arm rest, while she takes my dick out of my slacks and starts licking on it like her favorite flavor of ice cream. I didn’t want to stop her. Her wet licks on both sides of my shaft, the pecking on the tip. This woman’s mouth is pure ecstasy,  but that pussy was the feeling of choice and I didn’t want to wait another minute.

I was going to go down and let her know I’m here to please in all ways and always, but she says.

Marley: You don’t even need to eat it right now. This pussy has been more than ready for you.

With no hesitation, I slide the rubber on as she lays back and spreads herself and take a strong deep thrust inside of her. Her arms and legs lock on to  my body and I begin to stroke strong and forcefully deep inside her.

Clay: This the dick you want? Can you take it is this rough?

Marley: Yes! Yes! I can take it all and so much more! Don’t you dare stop what you’re doing.

I won’t even lie. Hearing that made me emotional even though I was on some savage fucking shit. I’m in her guts! Pumping like a woodsman chopping away at a tree. My strong strong and forceful. She moans with every thrust in. I had to tell her how I felt and had been feeling. It seemed wrong but it felt right.

Clay: Marley. You are incredible girl. Your pussy is incredible. Your mind is incredible. What I feel is incredible right now. Whatever this is I want it. I want it for as long as I can have it.

That definitely brought the moment to a new level.

Marley: Well, if this is what you. Let me ride it and ask some more questions.

I grip her ass and ease out, siting in the middle of the seat. She mounts, grabs the back of my head and starts bouncing on me and thrusting like she has the dick in the situation.

Marley: Who’s your girlfriend? Fiance? Wife?

Clay: Don’t have one, never gotten that far, nonexistent in my world.

Marley: Where are your children and are you taking care of them the best way you can.

Clay: No kids. The plan is to have 3 one day though. What is going on here?

She shuts me up with passionate kissing, throwing that pussy like she never wants it back. She is so wet, I can feel her dripping all over my pelvis and sack.

Marley: Ok, Clay Bae. One more question.

Clay: Shoot.

she begins to pick up speed and riding just the tip and she asks me

Marley: How many bitches you fucking?

Clay: Huh?

Marley: Huh? All the words in your vocabulary and you chose “huh” for that question?

Clay: You’re right, sorry. I was never approached so bluntly at a time like this. It threw me off.

Marley: So, How many bitches you fucking? No way a nigga like you is dropping dick like this and is shooting 0% from the field. Keep it real.

Clay: I got 4 I can call at anytime if I’m trying to fuck. Nothing serious or consistent. We just know when we call, that’s what it is. Haven’t hit any of them since the night before date 1 with you.

Marley: Ok. That’s fair. I’m new. We’ll talk later on all that. Right now, I’m bout to cum all over this big ass dick you got me riding in this truck right now.

Clay: Do your thing. That’s what we came for.

As the talking ceases, Marley went for the meanest more graceful horseback ride on my dick that I have ever seen. As she rode she reached down and begin to rub on her clit and continue to bounce on me. I sat back to enjoy the show as well as the felling. Her climax was the rival to any great R&B falsetto note. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get scalped scratched, face punched or choked the way her hands took on so many expressions as she arrived. Then I felt splashing. She screams out so loud that her voice with the sensation made me cum.

I grip her ass, howling while bringing her so close to me that we look joined at the pelvis.

She was squirting. Spraying me with everything she had in her. I was elated. I only had 2 squirters in life before that moment. I always wanted another one. Squirting is some of the sexiest shit in the world to me! I love to watch and make a woman squirt. The moment is unmatched for me personally.

All the yelling continues and we embrace. We kiss and we cuddle still inside of each other and a moment of vulnerability sets in. We used no words. We just sat in the moment. Holding one another. It just felt right.

I didn’t want to tell her how much her squirting drove me crazy. I also didn’t want to have some knee jerk reaction statement like “I’m cutting off all my hoes for you.” I just basked in what was the moment. We took that moment for a few moments, then I offered to drive her back to the restaurant to get her car.

As I reached to for my pants she says “Don’t pull them all the way up”

Me not wanting to ask questions kept them to the ankles and started the car.

Marley: This dick though. As she begins to look with admiration and play with it. I’m sure she knows she is starting what could be another session.

Clay: Whenever you want some of that. You let me know. But more than that though. If you just want to sit and talk with me. I’m here for that too.

Marley: You’re actually a sweet guy, Clay. I should suck the shit out this dick right now, just cause you’re so sweet to me.

Clay: I would enjoy that, but real life you’d be sucking all night. I’ve let a river go tonight and I wouldn’t be shocked if my sperm count is low, messing with your ass tonight.

Marley laughs and draws back a little.

Marley: One day, sucking you all night will be my treat to you. You earned that.

Clay: Everything great in this world is earned.

As I pull up to the restaurant, I wait for Marley to get out. She says, “I’ll see you soon Mr. Clay.

That you will Miss Marley.

As she walked to the valet podium, I became enamored all over again. I don’t believe in 10’s and perfection, but man is she a 9.75 right now! I waited to make sure she received her car, waved out the window and headed home.

I’m feeling things I never thought I’d feel before. Things that felt impossible for the life I want to live. Was it my time? Was the personal life I envisioned finally coming together to appease me? It sure felt like it and I was going to go with the flow and not waiver no matter the cost.

Sometimes when you ask for what you want you get it. Sometimes what you want isn’t what you desire long term. I’m on my third date and 2nd incredible sex encounter with a woman that I am now willing to clear my schedule for. Maybe it’s time I ask would she do the same for me. Among other things.

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